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Quality Control

Regulatory Compliance

At Industrial Hard Carbon, we use the international ISO 9001:2015 standard specifies effective quality practices. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It helps ensure we continue to exceed customer expectations regarding the quality of our products. It is regularly evaluated by certified bodies through on-site audits.

Capabilities / Testing


The ability to measure indentation hardness and elastic modulus in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14577-1 and ASTM E 2546, both on the micro- and nano-scale, is crucial for quality control and plays a significant role in our R&D efforts.

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Imaging Analysis

Industrial Hard Carbon is equipped with various imaging devices with capabilities including but not limited to white light interferometry (WLI), spinning disk confocal microscopy (SDCM), bright field 3D microscopy, and optical microscopy with magnifications up to 400x. These devices play a crucial role in surface analysis, application development, and failure analysis. Moreover, our 3D optical profilometer provides non-contact surface measurements from the nano- to micro-scale.

Surface Analysis

Additional information on surface analysis

Adhesion Analysis

Besides hardness and thickness, adhesion represents the most critical coating characteristic – poor coating adhesion can prompt premature wear or catastrophic failure. We employ methods such as the Rockwell Indentation and Scratch Adhesion to ensure that every coating batch possesses optimum adhesion as part of our quality control system.


Every product processed at Industrial Hard Carbon undergoes stringent inspection procedures. The incoming inspection process begins immediately after the products are unpacked – products are checked for surface defects such as dents, scratches, impurities, and machining marks. Once processing is complete, each product undergoes inspection to ensure that the coating specifications (e.g., thickness, uniformity, adhesion) are met before shipment release.

Tribological Analysis

With our in-house universal tribometer, we can obtain valuable data by designing experiments replicating the application environment as closely as possible. We can characterize friction, wear, adhesion, fatigue, and mechanical surface properties. These data are instrumental in developing tailored solutions for the most demanding applications.

Testimonials & Clients

Antron BrownAntron Brown Racing

Industrial Hard Carbon a key not only to winning but making your parts last.

Kyle BatesElite Motorsports

Since 2014 Industrial Hard Carbon has supplied all of the Elite Motorsports Team with the best coatings available. The entire IHC team insures we get properly engineered coatings for each project. From engine parts to race car components, IHC delivers!

Joe GibbsJoe Gibbs Racing

IHC is very understanding of our industry and its unique challenges with our supply chain. Carrie and Nickie really get things done for us when we’re under the gun, which seems to be a lot with our suppliers’ late deliveries. IHC makes up lost lead time days with their quick response times.

Stacey StoneKing Engine Bearings

I sell more DLC-coated pins over uncoated ones. It’s inexpensive insurance. I have also seen pins that look brand new after a 500-mile super speedway race.

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