Biocompatible, extreme hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high lubricity, & higher precision

Bio-safe & Extremely Durable

Our carbon-based thin diamond-like film coatings make them durable, biocompatible, and safe for surgical instruments, dental tools, medical devices, and research equipment

  • Improve wear resistance.
  • Increase accuracy and precision.
  • Less friction lowers drilling temperatures.
  • Reduce the risk of infection or rejection
  • Diminish the risk of corrosion and degradation
  • Lower the risk of leeching and contamination
  • Holds up to harsh sterilization chemicals and processes
  • Extend the product’s lifespan
  • Reduce product replacement expenses
  • Reduce medical waste

IHC Medical Applications

Industrial Hard Carbon is a diamond-like thin film coating that offers flexibility in many different applications, allowing it to succeed where other films fail. IHC is commonly used in applications where high wear-resistance, lubricity, and hardness represent important factors; the thin film can handle extreme conditions.

Our Solutions

Industrial Hard Carbon has developed coating processes that allow composite material parts to receive performance-enhancing benefits under extreme conditions. We strive to reduce weight while increasing the durability of parts in high-temperature environments. Our solutions are applied by a highly-skilled team of professionals, who control every detail of the coating process, from the substrate to the surface, and our state-of-the-art vacuum chambers.

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Our Coatings’ Advantages

It’s the perfect combination for high-performance engines and industrial and medical applications – by reducing friction, we can help to extend your product’s lifespan

Safe for medical instruments


9,500–14,000 N/mm2


Decrease cell adhesion & activation

Lower Friction

COF 0.04–0.12

Wear Resistance

2x–10x part life


resistant to liquids & gases

Less glare

Reducing eye fatique


0.2–6 µm

Examples of Medical Coatings

Surgical Instruments
  • scalpels
  • knife blades
  • scissors
  • osteotomes
  • forceps
  • bone cutting forecasts
  • periosteal elevators
  • part and wire cutters
  • drill bits and taps
  • trocars
  • biopsy needles
Surgical Equipment
  • arthroscopic products
  • optical equipment
Research Equipment
  • platens
  • slides
  • centrifuge
  • blood
  • dialysis
  • urinary tract
  • cranial
  • spinal column
  • intracranial pressure regulation
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Enhanced Sterilization Capabilities

Our coating during testing showed to:

  • Endure the extreme temperature from multiple autoclaves
  • Fill pits and thicken ridges
  • Decrease cell adhesion and activation
  • Reduce platelet adherence and activation
  • Inhibit the significant growth of SY5Y neurofibroblasts

Testimonials & Clients

Tribology & Lubrication Technology

The coatings minimization of stiction friction is very important in order to reduce the potential damage to soft body tissue.

Maxillofacial Surgeon

The thin black matte film reduced glare and my resultant eye fatigue under magnification and high-intensity lighting.

Medical Surgeon

I normally sharpen non-thin film instruments annually. These thin film instruments seem to be on the 2–5 year resharpening pace.


Chemical coatings have consistently reduced risks and increased patient safety and comfort.

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