Oil and Gas

IHC Offers Protection from Corrosion and Elevated Pressures. In the oil and gas industry, it’s imperative machinery is corrosion resistant to resist salt water and mud, and it can withstand... Read More


Diamond-Like Coating Keeping Machinery Running Longer. Industrial Hard Carbon thin film helps industrial manufacturers, plants or factories keep their plants online longer because the diamond-like coating is highly wear-resistant and... Read More


Carbon Raptor® Coating Performs Best in Extreme Conditions. Winning in motorsports involves several factors: a talented driver, a strong crew, and an efficient car or motorbike. Carbon Raptor® by IHC allows the... Read More


IHC Decreases Physical and Chemical Damage to Manufacturing Machinery. Not only is it important for textile machinery to be long-lasting for productivity, but it’s also important for the parts to... Read More


Diamond-Like Coating’s Lubricity and Corrosion Resistance Keeps Machinery Running Longer. Industrial Hard Carbon thin film coating decreases the downtime of chemical producing machinery by protecting the parts from corroding in... Read More

Printing and Packaging

IHC Reduces Difficult Changes Between High-Speed, Interactive Machine Parts. Printing and packaging machinery is comprised of a large number of high-speed, interactive parts which are often difficult to change due... Read More

Cutting Tools

Diamond-Like Coating’s Extreme Hardness Extends the Life of Sharp Cutting Tools. The uptime of metal machinery, glass fracture, slitting, pelletizing, and many other cutting processes can be dramatically increased with... Read More


IHC Offers High Wear Resistance & Low Friction Carbon Raptor DLC Coating that Enhances Performance with a High-End Finish. Coating firearms in Carbon Raptor DLC reduces the need for lubrication inside... Read More

Custom Thin Film Solutions

The team at Industrial Hard Carbon works with each individual client to assess their thin film coating needs and offers engineering solutions. IHC knows how valuable your time is and... Read More

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