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Industrial Hard Carbon can provide engineered solutions to any project, regardless of size or scale. We are experts at providing engineering and manufacturing services and can help bring your ideas to life. From concept to reality, we specialize in full-service turn-key solutions. Got a project or inquiry? Please let us know! We can provide quotes for some or all aspects.

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Have A Project? Let Industrial Hard Carbon Provide an Engineered Solution for You!

We are committed to exceeding your expectations at every step of the way.

We see the testing and validation process as a goldmine of information for our customers. These processes also allow us to find flaws in the manufacturing process, opportunities to streamline, and perspectives that can change how you do business—working directly with machine shops and engineers to collaborate and produce a precision product that meets the highest quality standards.

Let Industrial Hard Carbon be your one-stop-shop solution provider. Industrial Hard Carbon has extensive relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the US. We know what our customers demand and will ensure you receive it!

We will manage your project from the engineering down to the final inspection.

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