Diesel Performance Builds: Make Your Build Last

Diamond-Like Coatings Keep Diesel Machinery Running Longer

Rebuild Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine Builds & Rebuilds

Keep Machinery Running Longer

Industrial Hard Carbon’s thin film help diesel engines run longer thanks to the wear resistance, high hardness, and lubricity of their diamond-like coating, making engines more efficient and lowering friction and the heat caused by friction.

Diesel racing truck

Performance Diesel Racing

Are you ready to outperform the competition?

Winning in motorsports involves several factors: a talented driver, a strong crew, robust equipment, and excellence in the engineering behind that equipment. We currently support highly recognized teams & companies in the industry, from Porsche, F1, NASCAR, Truck Series, Sprint Cars, and Motocross to performance diesel racing. We can help you get the winning edge.


Marine Diesel Protection

Protection from Corrosion and Elevated Pressures

Marine machinery must be corrosion-resistant in the presence of salt water and mud to withstand corrosion. Industrial Hard Carbon protects from corrosion and is highly wear-resistant and extremely hard, which reduces friction and resists corrosion to help keep marine machinery running longer.

Our Coatings’ Advantages


9,500–14,000 N/mm2


Inert, resistant to
most liquids and gases


Wear Resistance
2x–10x part life


Lower Coefficient of
Friction 0.02–0.08


Conformal, high adhesion,
2–4 microns thick




Surface tension
~ 70 degrees


Resilient 185–210
Young’s Modulus

Hard Carbon Industrial Applications

Industrial Hard Carbon is a diamond-like thin film coating that offers flexibility in many applications, allowing it to succeed where other films fail. IHC is commonly used in applications that require high wear resistance, lubricity, and hardness, and the thin film can handle extreme conditions.

Our Solutions

Industrial Hard Carbon has developed coating processes to allow composite materials to receive performance-enhancing benefits under extreme conditions. We strive to reduce weight while increasing the durability of parts in high-temperature environments. Our solutions are applied by our highly skilled team of professionals, who control every detail of the coating process – from the substrate to the surface – and our state-of-the-art vacuum chambers.

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Make your parts last 2x-10x longer

Normal Parts Life
Part Life with IHC Coating

Wrist pins after 600 miles in a NASCAR®

Examples of Diesel Part Coatings

Avoid equipment repairs and downtime costs.


Diesel injection pump guides
Injection plungers
Injection pintles
Pistons & rings
Connecting rods

Rocker arms & shafts
Spring retainers
Valve locks
Damper pins
Piston pins

Bearing races
Lifter bodies
Oil pump rotor set
Transmission shafts & gears
Ring and pinion gears
Shifter parts

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Coating Product Lines

Carbon Raptor® by IHC allows the engine, transmission, and drivetrain to operate at the highest efficiency. When ceramics and other carbon-based protective coatings can’t meet the challenge, the combined hardness, lubricity, and flexibility of Carbon Raptor by Industrial Hard Carbon results in exceptional wear resistance. This thin film can be applied evenly and thoroughly to both intricate and massive parts.

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Coating for Extreme Conditions

Casidiam® by Industrial Hard Carbon is the latest addition to our DLC coatings portfolio. The extremely hard base layer of Casidiam® increases the load-carrying capacity and scratch-resistance of its tribologically-effective DLC top layer even further, making it the perfect coating for applications involving extreme contact pressures and sliding velocities.

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Armor® by Industrial Hard Carbon is an extremely hard yet ductile Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating with excellent abrasion, corrosion, and oxidation resistance. The low intrinsic stress properties of Armor™ result in excellent adhesion to the substrate under the most demanding conditions and deliver long-lasting resistance to galling and fretting.

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Armor XD® is a uniquely enhanced and incredibly tough Alloyed Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating. Beyond the outstanding abrasion, corrosion, and oxidation resistance found in standard nitride coatings, this advanced variant significantly elevated working temperature threshold, making it ideal for applications demanding superior heat resistance.

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