Armor XD® – Enhanced Alloyed Chromium Nitride (CrN) Coating

Armor XD® - Enhanced Alloyed Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating

Armor XD® is a uniquely enhanced and incredibly tough Alloyed Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating. Beyond the outstanding abrasion, corrosion, and oxidation resistance found in standard nitride coatings, this advanced variant significantly elevated working temperature threshold, making it ideal for applications demanding superior heat resistance. The innovative alloying process endows Armor XD® with low intrinsic stress properties, ensuring unparalleled adhesion to substrates, even in the most extreme conditions. Its robust nature guarantees extended protection against galling, fretting, and other wear mechanisms, solidifying its position as a top-tier choice for high-temperature and demanding industrial scenarios.

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Armor XD® Specifications

  • Coating Material: Alloyed CrN
  • Color: Grey
  • C.O.F (dry) vs steel : 0.3-0.6
  • Hardness: 2700-3200 HV
  • Thickness: 3 to 8 μm
  • Max. working temp. : 1100°C/2012°F



holds edges longer


Protection at
high temperatures


Inert, resistant to
most liquids & gases


Wear resistance
2x–10x part life

With far-reaching benefits in almost every industry.

Increased toughness and durability

  • Superior toughness and durability over standard nitride coatings.
  • Enhanced wear resistance due to alloying advantages.
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation, even at elevated temperatures.
  • Offers protection at higher operational temperatures.
  • Effectively mitigates fatigue in tools and components.
  • Provides reinforced impact and crack resistance.
  • Offers increased abrasion and erosion protection.
  • Designed for the harshest operational environments.
  • Elevated resistance to aggressive and corrosive chemicals.
  • Remarkably inert, ensuring limited reactions with diverse substances.
  • Ensures minimal dimensional change, preserving the component’s integrity.
  • Extends the operational lifespan of components, reducing maintenance intervals.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Diesel
  • Factory Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Motorsports
  • Oil & Gas

Avoid equipment repairs and downtime costs.

Uncoated Used Piston

Make your parts last 2x-10x longer and reduce operating expenses.

Normal Parts Life
Part Life with IHC Coating

Injection pump guides
Injection plungers
Injection pintles
Pistons & rings
Connecting rods

Rocker arms & shafts
Spring retainer
Valve locks
Damper pins
Piston pins

Bearing races
Lifter bodies
Oil pump rotor set
Transmission shafts & gears
Ring and pinion gears
Shifter parts

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Examples of Coated Parts


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