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We are the industry leaders in thin-film coating because we do things differently. Always have. Always will.

About Industrial Hard Carbon

We are committed to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations for Quality, Delivery and Service.
Our quality policy is simple:
We commit to exceeding your
expectations at every step of the way.
We inspect everything…
the moment an order arrives
on site. We don’t like to coat damaged goods.
We build our own machines.
And we know them inside
and out. That means you’ve got experts behind the wheel
every step of the process.
We investigate problems.
And we tell you what we find
so you can make better, more cost-effective decisions
down the road.

Our History

Rumor has it DLC was first formed when the U.S. military was performing vacuum testing and hydrocarbon oil back-streamed into the chamber, where it ionized and deposited itself on the various parts. The coating that formed was a slick-like, graphite, hard diamond. And it had serious potential.
When we first got wind of that potential in the 1990s, we were building our own coating machines — we still do and we wondered: What would happen if we applied the hard carbon to a wrist pin in a high-performance engine?
You can probably figure out the answer to that…

3 Things You Need to Know About Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC Coating:

There are different thin diamond-like coatings on the market today, each holding different purposes for various applications. With many thin films sharing similar characteristics, it can be hard to find the right engineering solution for your business.

Learn more about Industrial Hard Carbon’s thin film and find out what sets it apart from other DLC coatings available to you!

1. IHC is Created from Nano-Crystalline Diamond & Silicon Carbide

Holding a deep black color, Industrial Hard Carbon is an amorphous matrix created from layers of nano-crystalline diamond and nano-crystalline silicon carbide. The unique combination of these elements gives Industrial Hard Carbon its various properties, which sets it apart from other DLC coatings on the market.

And because IHC is conformal to substrates, it deposits evenly over all surfaces of a part or product.

2. Its Qualities can Only be Surpassed by Pure Diamond

IHC is characterized by extreme hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high lubricity. Its hardness is less than or equal to >8.1 HM >, and it operates from -200°Celsius to less than 350° Celsius.  significantly reduces wear resistance, protects the underlying substrate from most corrosive agents, can withstand less than 46,000 psi tensile and compressive stresses, and compressive strain of 0.17 percent.

Further, Industrial Hard Carbon’s thermal conductivity is less than 10 W/cm°K, and its electrical resistivity is less than 109-ohm cm, doping options to lower r. This DLC coating showed a significant reduction in coefficient of friction lab tests and required torque in field applications compared to bare metal.

Industrial Hard Carbon’s qualities can only be surpassed by pure diamond and because of this, IHC’s diamond-like coating succeeds where other thin-film coatings fail.

3. Industrial Hard Carbon has Unlimited Applications.

IHC is capable of handling extreme conditions such as altitudes and temperatures, allowing it to be flexible in many different applications. This DLC coating is already being used in the following industries: oil and gas, industrial, textiles, motorsports, chemical, cutting tools, electronics, aerospace, painting, and packaging.


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