IHC hosts a team of thin-film engineers that are well-versed in all thin films, not just IHC’s DLC. Our team has years of experience in various fields and is familiar with the challenges presented by issues such as friction, resistance, weight, and wear.

Is your goal less wear and tear on your machine parts to increase your runtime? Perhaps your machinery isn’t operating as efficiently as you think it could be. Or maybe you’re in the oil and gas industry and your current thin film isn’t withstanding the extreme temperatures and pressures that come with the job.

Not only can our team walk you through the chemical makeup of various coatings and explain the best function for each, but we can also talk to you about the pros and cons of each thin film toward your particular application.

Additionally, IHC’s internal testing facility allows us to test coatings to determine whether they are holding up to their expectancy.


IHC’s applied engineering team doesn’t expect you to know exactly what you need. That’s what we are here for. If you can bring us your goal and provide us with information regarding the part you’re wanting the coat and the function, we can help you create a custom solution.

Reach out to Industrial Hard Carbon’s applied engineering services team today to get started.