Industrial Hard Carbon: Diamond-Like Protective Coatings

Industrial Hard Carbon’s innovative diamond-like protective coatings are applied to parts to reduce wear and parasitic friction. A combination of hardness, lubricity, and flexibility results in the exceptional wear resistance of the Hard Carbon coating.

About Industrial Hard Carbon

We offer unmatched full-service engineering and surface solution capabilities, including (but not limited to) coatings, surface finishes, and turn-key manufacturing solutions.

Proudly serving individuals, small businesses, large manufacturers, and world-champion racing teams.

Our Quality Policy is Simple

We inspect parts to ensure that they meet the your expectation of quality, and that parts are suitable for our processes. We build our own machines, and we know them inside and out. That means you’ve got experts behind the wheel every step of the process. We investigate variances from customer specifications, and we tell you what we find so you can make better, more cost-effective decisions down the road.

IHC are here to help

At Industrial Hard Carbon, LLC we are committed to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, delivery & service.

Our Coating is Thin but Tough-As-Nails!

It’s the perfect combination for high-performance engines and industrial and medical applications – by reducing friction, we can help to extend your product’s lifespan

  • FlexibleOur coating can repeatedly stretch without cracking or breaking
  • ThinTypically between 2-3 microns – that’s hair-on-a-flea thin!
  • SlickFriction is tough on high-performance, fast-moving engine parts – Hard Carbon offers a coating that can handle the heat
  • Good Under PressureThe hotter our coating gets, the better it performs – turning to graphite (a natural lubricant) as it breaks down

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