Properties of IHC's Coatings

Diamond-Like Coatings with Unlimited Custom Applications.

Characterized by its extreme hardness, high lubricity, high wear-resistance, and high corrosion resistance, Industrial Hard Carbon coatings are applied to parts by a proprietary plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition process.

IHC films are created from layers of nano-crystalline diamond and nano-crystalline silicon carbide in an amorphous matrix of both elements. It is the unique combination of these elements that give Industrial Hard Carbon coatings their wide range of properties and extremes in those properties, and their qualities can only be surpassed by pure diamond. And while IHC thin films are a one step process, majority of the time the product requires several, often simple, changes to achieve the performance advantages IHC's coatings will provide.

Because of its unique characteristics separating it from other thin films, Industrial Hard Carbon diamond-like coatings succeeds where other coatings fail.

IHC's properties

Extreme Hardness

Less than or equal to 17 GPa, or less than or equal to 85 Rc.

High Lubricity

Significant reduction in coefficient of friction lab tests and required torque in field applications compared to bare metal; 50 percent or greater friction reduction with no lubrication as compared to bare metal is typical.

Wear Rate

Significant reduction in wear resistance.

Flexural Strength

Can withstand less than 46,000 psi tensile and compressive stresses, and compressive strain of 0.17 percent.

Corrosion Resistance

Protects underlying substrate from most corrosive agents.

Conformal to Substrates

Plasma assisted CVD, by definition, depositions evenly over all surfaces of a part without special fixturing or rotation.

Operating Temperature

Operates from -200°C or -320°F to less than 600°C or 1112°F, dependent on oxygen partial pressure.

Thermal Conductivity

Less than 10 W/cm°K.

Electrical Resistivity

Less than 109 ohm cm, doping options to lower r.


Deep black.


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